Thursday, March 11, 2010

54] {Come here Muffin!}

Our German exchange student arrived last night. She's definitely a country girl, she told us that "CV is BIG". I don't know how big the town is from where she lives but this place is petite as far as I'm concerned. She also doesn't eat meat {like me} so my family is going to have to get a little creative in their cooking the next couple of weeks.
I don't care though! She's cute. And her name is (phonetically cause I have NO idea how you'd spell it in.. ya know.. German) Minnow.

I want a little girl named Minnow!

53] {where ARE you?}

Ok ok, I LOVE headstones and epitaphs- we get it. In this one there is supposed to be a statue of the Virgin Mary whose eyes glow red after midnight on a full moon. Um? I love haunted places or things. We couldn't find her- which is alright because the place is GARGANTuous and it will probably take a full week of hardcore looking around to find her. That's alright though, I'm totally up for the challenge.

It was a really nice day, breezy, sunny, wonderful!

52] {pushing daisies}

The last couple days have been spent in the skull duggery looking for someone. We CAN'T for the life of us find the guy anywhere. He isn't where it says on the directory that he should be. So how's that for a mystery? Walking around we saw this, and others. Pictures-sometimes in colour-of the person pushing daisies underneath.
I'm not sure how I feel about it. Part of the thrill of graveyards- for me- is imagining what the people below looked like or did with their lives. It was a little unnerving to see this trend. But I liked this one. They look so happy.

51] {sift}

50] {morning texts}

Alright, now you have to know a little something about me and morning texts (I always want to say sex but... ahem). I LOVE them, and I'm not sure why but I always receive really really good ones. Ya know the kind I'm talking about? Someone texts you late in the middle of the night or TOO early in the morning for you get them UNTIL you wake up. I have a list where I'm writing them all down.
I'll share that with y'all later.

I only know a few tricks for getting the smell of peppers OUT of your clothes.
Rubbing them against a stainless steal surface.
Pouring salt in with the detergent.
Pouring MILK in with the detergent.
Or ya know.. Fabreeze.

Either way, when I woke up and read this, I giggled. I went to bed early the night before- and this was waiting when I opened my blurry eyes. Spesh.