Tuesday, June 1, 2010

130] {post its!}

129] {dumb}

Um. I hate Sudoku.

128] {bedridden. still.}

It's a pretty fun series.

127] {sick like a.. sick person}

I've been sick the last couple days. But a weird sick. Intestinal infection? I've never had one of those before but it's been odd. I think I threw up maybe 22 times, but never felt nauseated the entire time? Someone explain THAT one to me.
This is what I've been looking at for 3 days- on my back- while this has been going on.
But it has it's pluses. I've lost 11 lbs.

126] {Talisa}

I was looking for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets {we can't find it anywhere} and while walking back out through the door I saw this on Talisa's wall. She's so into swimming, and I love it because- that's why I did all through highschool. Sure, I regretted not being more involved later on but I made some amazing memories and friends doing that- and I know she is to. And besides, of all the things to regret it's really not to big of a deal. I think it's funny how even though she's doing what I did- we're still so opposite. You'd rarely catch me swimming those events- I was all about distance and endurance as opposed to sprints. I did the mile, the 500 yd freestyle and the 200 yd IM.

Also- she's going to reach those goals.
I know it.

125] {the age}

124] {drip}