Sunday, May 23, 2010

123] {addicted}

122] {beard}

121] {healthy bar}

120] {oyster crackers}

Who goes out for some delicious snack food and comes back with oyster crackers?
This girl does.
And let me just say- they're delicious! And low calorie if you only eat a serving size.

119] {I don't know}

So I'm actually really proud of this pic. I got the earrings in there just right, even if you can't see the writing on the strip of paper really well. I was fumbling through my photo box of scraps just trying to clear things out and this piece of paper fell out of one of my books. It made me think that day- and it's time to make one of those memories [days] again.

118] {Ray and Darius}

117] {for our garden}

I haven't had much to do the last little while with school out, and work not starting till' Memorial Day. I've been going crazy, so this is what mum brought me to keep me occupied and busy for awhile. She wants 16 stones for our strawberry patch in the garden. Don't worry. I didn't actually make the flip flops, I thought it was tacky- so instead we made circle ones with a mold I bought from Michael's. It takes 2 weeks for them to dry? So I'll post some pics of them when they're done- LOVE em'!

116] {laundry}

It takes me at least 2 days to hang up my clothes once they've gone through their cycle.
I don't really know why but- it's just one of those quirky things about my life I suppose.

115] {hot springs}

It was the vacation I needed. Um. WE needed. :D