Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 left.

151] {g.p.}

"Go back a little, to leap even further"

150] {missing Jasmin}

Yeah I miss her. I don't know where or what she's doing in Texas anymore. But I miss her.

149] {locked}

148] {rose garden}


147] {lace curtain}

146] {2nd attempt}

Okay okay, not like this one was much harder, but I just gotta start small! And it's not like I have unlimited time on my hands to put some serious work into it. I mean, once I find a picture I'd like to complete that I triple really love then I WILL. Until then, it's just a hit and miss kinda deal- but I like it.

145] {ultimate fighter}

You can barely see the teeth marks imprinted into my delicate woman knuckles, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Just kidding. But seriously Patrick wants me to start fighting for him. Ultimate fighting. Bare knuckles. The real deal. He's pretty serious about it. I think every time he sees me in the gym he tries to get me to come take a couple self defense/karate classes from him. For free.

I don't know whether it's flattering, or weird. Maybe it's flattering, but the weird part is I'm actually considering it.
PS. I don't actually know how this happened. I went swimming at the pool with a good friend, and when we got out my knuckles on both hands were skinned and bleeding. WHAT?

144] {ideas}

Yeah, so I started trying this new thing ( I mean, I can't explain except my showing it). Obviously I'm not super awesome yet but.. it's my first try and I'll attempt to do something a little more difficult next time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

19 more pictures, and then I'm caught up.

143] {job+money=splurging.a.little}

So, I started my job-lifeguarding. And I really wanted to spend some of my..coughs..well earned money. I bought a new shirt (which I actually used today as a shirt- it's one of those tube top numbers) and a new light quarter length sleeve jack to go with it, or just by itself. I also bought new mascara and it's rockin'- it's the kind that pulses- if you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out. It feels really good actually- AND I bought an eyelash curler. And I love them all! Happy day!

142] {strange men}

There have been multiple times in the last month where I've come home to random guys sleeping on our couch, cuddled up with one of the canines. What. The. Heck?

141] {aged}

It looks like one of those old photos that you're parents have. All faded and priceless. Hm.

140] {}

Yeah. I changed it. And I feel much better about it. Also- I LOVE this picture. SO much.

139] {fern.gully}


138] {

Today... let's be honest- it sucked. So many things have complicated my life these last couple of weeks. I was thinking about all those girlfriends and wives that get flowers.. and then I realized that God's given me flowers too. I'm not alone.

137] {what just happened}

I went trail running for the first time this morning. It was difficult, but I got to the 2nd gate long before I thought I would. It was pretty relieving, and validating for all the hard work I've been putting into my health and fitness levels.

It's a hard trail to run on. Lots of pot holes, rocks and debris make the path a treacherous one at times. You can always count on their being numerous bugs to get in your mouth, fly into your eyes or nip at your bare legs- but it's beautiful.

136] {wish.carefully.}

Just think about it.

135] {ISAA}

"I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. That he'd rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine."

134] {hidden meadow}

One of my best friends just came home from his mission. For our first little get together to catch up he took me up the canyon and showed me this beautiful meadow. This picture obviously does none of the justice that should be there in abundance. I've never seen anything like it, it could have been taken out of a fairy tale and it's my new favorite place. I've never seen anything so exquisite and cozy in my entire life. I haven't felt that "in awe" in a very long time. It was soothing, refreshing, and such a treat to sit and chat with him for a couple hours. It was a day that I will NEVER forget.

133] {shadows}

Walked into my room later in the afternoon and noticed this beautiful displayed on my door. I have a thing for shadows.

132] {green}

131] {see me}

Alot of these photos will be nature-ish. I've taken up a new hobby:


{a month and 2 days}

Time to start uploading. Hold on to your hats.