Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

166] {small accomplishments}

You can see some white!
I've been trying really hard to stop biting my fingernails!
But it's so hard!
I wish I knew why!

28 behind, but working on it.

165] {down time}

So when I'm not at school, the gym, or work.... I'm making my way through the trilogy.

Nerd much? Yes.

164] {hate this stuff}

Behold. One of my most inhibiting weaknesses. I honestly don't know when I'll need to use any of this trash. I walked in to Math 1010 on the first day to hear my professor say "So, just so you know .5% of you will ACTUALLY end up using this stuff in your future. Are you still motivated?" And then laughed.

Ugh. Here we go.

163] {bro. jacobs}

So basically, I love my Institute class. Last semester I didn't make it a priority and the rest of my academia really suffered. My concentration was shot, my focus gone, I struggled in my math class and nothing really came together as far as school. This semester I've based my classes AROUND my institute course. I love it. And I love Bro. Jacobs. I only attend 2 times a week but the time that I spend there, is always spent on the edge of my seat trying to take in every word that he speaks. He's amazing. The spirit is powerful in that room, and my mind is literally blown every time the class hour ends. I love how with this Gospel, there's never an end to learning or growth.


162] {no need for machines}

Dear Summer,
Another reason for why you shouldn't leave me.

161] {fighting fall}

Dear Summer,
Please pretty please with a cherry on top don't leave yet.

160] {homemade tomatoe soup}

My mum's basically a genius. And this stuff is going to be delicious when full blown, pedal-to-the-medal winter hits.

I should probably learn how to do this.

159] {red jumpsuit apparatus}

Yeah. They came to town and gave a free concert! These pictures kind of suck. But it's okay because THEY {red jumpsuit} sucked live. Seriously disappointing, but it was fun to hang out with friends and watch everyone freak out.

158] {little one}