Saturday, October 2, 2010

200] {october}

199] {}

198] {}

So. Life is much happier. Lots of changes, lots of phasing, lots of reflecting, lots of figuring things out, lots of taking charge of my life.

I went on a nice little walk today with my beloved canine. Joined at the heart we are (uh..yoda..) and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL up there

It's great!
And I'm happy!
<----- obviously.

197] {muddy reflection}

196] {evening walk}

195] {crayon}

194] {home. :D }

193] {}

192] {the.australians.came.}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

191] {ramp vs. stairs...ramp}

190] {guest room}

189] {see me?}

188] {CD ceiling}

My sister has CD's stuck to her ceiling. Some kind of decorating technique - I don't really understand but sometimes you walk in there and it's like you're in some kind of disco dance room.
I liked this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

187] {new day}

186] {be a light}

I'm still on my shadow kick. I'm not sure what my fascination with them has been lately except I'm just..drawn in by the light. It's beautiful and soothing. Calms me down. It makes me stop and enjoy. I like em'.

185] {everyone could use a wish}

This is why I'm a morning person.

184] {love this face}

Oh my. This little bungler is a source of great happiness for me. There's nothing quite like having one of your canines SO excited to see you when you come home. Even if that excitement results in him wiggling or running around, peeing on the floor, or whining/yelping with happiness for several minutes.

I love him.
This morning he pushed his nose up against my semi closed door, wriggled his way in and put his paws up on the side of my bed-he does this when he knows he's too small to jump.

Once up on the bed he proceeded to come snuffle my face and then burrow himself down inside my blankets at the bottom to keep my toes warm. He's so cute I could slap him.

Monday, September 27, 2010

183] {Kalai}

He's awesome live.

182] {blackberry bush}

Sunday, September 26, 2010

181] {mauve}

180] {}

9 am church is boss.

179] {10pm}