Thursday, March 11, 2010

50] {morning texts}

Alright, now you have to know a little something about me and morning texts (I always want to say sex but... ahem). I LOVE them, and I'm not sure why but I always receive really really good ones. Ya know the kind I'm talking about? Someone texts you late in the middle of the night or TOO early in the morning for you get them UNTIL you wake up. I have a list where I'm writing them all down.
I'll share that with y'all later.

I only know a few tricks for getting the smell of peppers OUT of your clothes.
Rubbing them against a stainless steal surface.
Pouring salt in with the detergent.
Pouring MILK in with the detergent.
Or ya know.. Fabreeze.

Either way, when I woke up and read this, I giggled. I went to bed early the night before- and this was waiting when I opened my blurry eyes. Spesh.

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